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With this comprehensive bundle, you’ll receive a treasure trove of resources designed to make teaching and learning about the 50 states and their capitals a breeze.

I Understand your time is precious

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Streamline Your Lesson Preparation: Say goodbye to countless hours spent searching for individual 50 States and Capitals activities from scratch.

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Ready-to-Use Resources: No more scrambling to find suitable materials or worrying about whether your resources are accurate and up to date.

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Convenient Integration into Your Curriculum: Seamlessly integrate the 50 States and Capitals Bundle into your existing curriculum.

What's Included?

50 States & Capitals Printables

Colorful Map Printouts: Engage your students with visually appealing and accurate map printouts that bring the geography of the United States to life in your classroom. Watch as their understanding and retention soar!

50 States & Capitals Digital

Interactive Digital Activities: Ignite your students' curiosity and love for learning with our interactive digital activities. From virtual review to engaging quizzes, your students will actively participate in mastering the states and capitals.

50 States & Capitals Activities

Ignite curiosity with our mini booklet and banner research activities! Dive deep into each state's unique symbols and landmarks, and let your students unleash their creativity by designing captivating banners. Make learning fun and memorable as you embark on a journey through the 50 states.

what do Other Teachers Think?

I was looking for something that could accompany my regions lesson for the interactive notebooks I'm doing with my class this year, the free sample on the Northeast Region sold me on the whole pack. I'll be able to clearly reduce it to fit into our notebooks and this will be a great way to clearly help my students as we study the US Regions.
Kirstin B.
My students really enjoyed using this resource. I loved how easy it was to incorporate traditionally and digitally. I recommend this product to any one teaching states and capitals!
Zach K.
I have been able to use this product with my students who take the alternate state test. Different grade levels and works with both of them. I highly recommend.
Kirstin B.
Students began the unit before we had to go to remote learning. After going home, students loved to practice with the boom cards. I also had them complete some of the paper and pencil tasks using the google suite. This is a great product to use when teaching states and capitals.
Brenda Padilla
Nicole Hanlon Handy Hanlon Creations

I understand How You Feel...

As a fellow teacher who understands the incredible demands and pressures you face daily, I want you to know that I’m right there with you in the trenches. I’ve experienced firsthand the stress and overwhelming workload that comes with ensuring our students receive the best education possible. 

That’s why I created the 50 States and Capitals Bundle. It started as a personal endeavor in my own classroom, where I saw my students light up with excitement and actively absorb the states and capitals through fun, engaging activities. Witnessing their remarkable progress, I knew I had to share this valuable resource with other teachers like you. 

Word spread quickly, and before I knew it, the 50 States and Capitals Bundle became the top seller in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. It’s a testament to the fact that educators across the nation were craving quality, time-saving materials for teaching the 50 states and capitals, just like I did. 

Rest assured, I’ve walked in your shoes, and my goal is to provide you with a game-changing resource that will make your teaching journey easier, more effective, and ultimately, more enjoyable.

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