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happy teacher with student


What classroom strategies really work? It doesn’t matter how long you have been a teacher in a classroom; Your management style will constantly evolve. I have been teaching for twenty-plus years, and I still try new strategies. Below, I will

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students in a classroom learning states and capitals

How to Learn the States and Capitals Fast

Do you need help engaging your elementary students when teaching the states and capitals? Do your students lose interest with endless worksheets to memorize and locate the United States’ five regions?  Yes? I can help. Below I have listed ways I

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white board pen


Teacher Tip: White Board Pen Leash The Teacher Problem I don’t know about you, but my classroom whiteboard is my everything. I use it from the minute my students enter the classroom till they leave. My problem isn’t so much

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teacher stress test anxiety

Standardized Test Stress

The Stress is Real Standardized test stress is alive and abundant in my school. I can see it in the eyes of the teachers as they pass in the hallway. I hear it in the voices teachers use to teach

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Classroom Math Stations for 4th Grade

  What is the best way to run math stations in your 4th grade classroom? I wish I had a clear or concise answer to this question. Stations should be engaging and challenging, but also quick and easily implemented. This

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Classroom Procedures Starting Day One

How can we create a classroom that is calm and inspiring, and also allows learning to be fun and engaging? We start day one with our classroom management. We then train our students and empower them to make good choices. Finally, we

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